Build a OS with linuxfromscratch?

While I understand we have millions of customized OS out there,
What do you think about building a minimal OS which will be one of a part of OpenSource Software Support and Training program we are builing ?

Goal :

  • When the organization requests a opensource solution we can compile the minimal os with required applications and provide.
  • can be implement to outdated school PCs and long term community support.

Just taking your opinion on this

That’s great! We can have them all the applications which they may need (long-term support versions or stable releases) so they can just install it without the internet. (ex: .deb files)

We can create a pack that includes some packages.

  • kernel updates
  • os updates
  • security patches
  • Firefox ESR
  • Onlyoffice, Openoffice, or Libre
  • IDEs

We can make a bash script to personalize the installation.(select which packages they want to install) So they can download the pack for a single machine through our website and run the script. :grin: