Designs: Software Freedom Day 2018 LK

Let’s use this thread as a place for all the design related discussions.

@Sachintha @Ruwani_Indrachapa


Here Asith’s designed last year but we did not used.


Thank you @milinda for uploading designs to this thread.

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this is really nice!

Design ekak finalize karan issarahata yamu neda.

Here Asith’s Final designs. Suggestion needed.

Design 1
Design 2


Design 01 :heart_eyes:

We can use this for banners :slight_smile:

What colour should this sticker/design should be in?

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Neither

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Okay… :smiley: :smiley:

Hi all can we have poster and flier designs on this weekend. Here the things we wanted.

  • Event Poster with event details
  • Event Poster with Speakers details
  • Event Poster with Supportive communities + Media Partners + LFS
  • Souvenirs designs for Speakers (Token of Appreciations)
  • FB cover photo and RSVP cover photo.(1200*300px)
  • T-Shirt and Stickers design - Done.
    suggest if I missed something :slight_smile:
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If you need FOSS LK Logo Design