meeting 8th July at WSO2

Hi Everyone,

Here is the summery of last meeting we had at WSO2 on 8th July 2018.
We had around 18 participants and discussed about below areas.

  • FOSS.LK Ambassador Program
  • Monthly Magazine
  • Software Freedom Day
  • Branding and theming
  • School and University Chapters
  • Workshops and Meetups for public

FOSS.LK Ambassador Program
We will select one ambassdor from each university to represent
Pilot program documents can found here :

Monthly Magazine
We will print and publish monthly magazine where we distribute them to subscribed users or organizations.
( need owner )

Software Freedom Day
This year SFD hosted by with many other support organizations where most of them already onboard with planning . event will be happening at SLIIT on 20th September 2018.
planning document can be found here :
Etherpad ::
All the documents and designs ::

Branding and Theming
We decieded that it’s good time to rebrand logos and design guidlines.
New logos :
Design guildlines : @Asith Wijenayake to be share.

School and University Chapters
Chapters will be base on ambassador program, each chapter will have sub-forum at the and we will appoint 2 members from each university to be moderating the sub-forum and increase activities.
On-prem events series need to design and owned by a team. please let us know if you are interest.

Workshops and Meetups for public
We have a public group, will be hosting public meeetups base on trends and technologies monthly,
need people to own organizing.

Apart from that we need to prepare documents for sponsorships and partnerships.

@ManeeshaDedigama, @Devon_wijesinghe please update if anything I’ve missed here.

Images :

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How are we going to get articles for the magazine?

Workshops and meetups :heart_eyes:

SFD on 22nd September @ SLIIT

I think our blog team can be reanmed to media team or something,
@tharindu had ideas about Interviews, current trends , events , tutorials etc, basically targetting IT companies where we see potential sponsors for the magazine .

We need to move from that etherpad and have a google doc instead , wdyt ?

So are we getting those articles from public or are we preparing them ourselves?

Already in doc. check SFD thread on this forum.

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Awesome idea, we can ask public to submit couple of articles,
Care to takeover the magazine work ? you can teamup with devon, Maneesha and the blog team .

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Sure, I’ll be glad to. If they’re alright with it, I can join them on this.

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That’s a good idea. I will also can help in both Sinhala and English contents. But mostly in Sinhala. Printing a magazine monthly is a little bit hard work. I have tried this at my time in the uni. The hardest part was to get enough amount of articles. That’s why I asked that. In very small way we can create newsletter with two or three articles. Hope we have email list. Anyway let’s make it happen :v:

@Ruwan , I have suggested some changes on the document that has been shared under FOSS.LK ambassador programs.

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