I'd love to discuss what is your favourite desktop environment?

Hi :wave:

I have used ubuntu as my daily driver for a long time. I tried many DEs just because I wanted to have different look on PC for time to time :grinning: So I have several and few left on my favourite list.

My first choice is KDE

Next, the most popular GNOME :smiley:

and XFCE

I’d love to hear thoughts from others :smiley:


I also adore KDE since I’m a little bit biased on the QT support. However, Gnome is also prem. :heart:

I often find myself lacking some kind of finess with XFCE. Maybe it’s just my personal preference.

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I have tried Gnome, KDE and XFCE. There’s something I like in each one of them.

KDE - Without any doubt, this DE is the most stylish. A lot of customization really makes me connect with my PC :stuck_out_tongue:

GNOME - Even though KDE looks so good, I feel an attraction towards Gnome, I have no idea why. It feels more comfortable to use.

XFCE - I use it only when I want to keep my VM lightweight.

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Deeping desktop envaroment ekath maru :smiley: මට මතකයි podecast එපියක මේක ගැන කතා කරා :smiley:

ඔව්නෙ :grin::grin: කතා කරානෙ :relieved:

That is good to hear your thoughts. KDE is holding the position of top as always :grin: agree with you, with GNOME it feels more comfortable

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Gnome :heart: exactly more popular because of its comfort behavior

මම හිතන්නේ වැඩිපුරම භාවිතා කරන ඩෙස්ක්ටොප් පරිසරය GNOME ය. ඒ එය හුරුබුහුටි නිසා නොව, එය පෙරනිමියෙන් Ubuntu සමඟ පැමිණෙන නිසාය. නමුත් පරිශීලක තෝරාගැනීමේදී බහුලව භාවිතා වන්නේ KDE සහ XFCEය. එය වෘත්තීයමය ක්‍රමලේඛකයින් සහ ඉංජිනේරුවන් අතර බහුල භාවිතයකි. KDE තෝරාගැනීමේදී එහි අතුරු මුහුණත Windows සමග සමාන බැවින් Windows සිට පැමිණෙන පරිශීලකයින් KDE භාවිතය සඳහා පෙලබවීමක් දකින්නට ලැබේ.