Lightweight OS for a OLD laptop

What are the best open source linux distributions for a old laptop?

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If you’re looking for the absolute minimum with somewhat workable things pre-installed, I’d go with either Lubuntu or Mate editions.

If you’re planning on building something by yourself (like installing required applications) then you cannot go wrong with TinyCore

ubuntu mate eka harigiya wadeta …!

මමත් හිතන්නෙ mate වගේ එකක් හොදයි. හැබැයි tiny core වගේ එකකට ගියොතින් minimal විදියට තමන්ටම හදාගන්න පුළුවන්. ඒකත් වටිනව.

Slitaz is a minimalist OS but setting it up is a pain in the a##. in the other hand Lubuntu is the best according to my experience, easy to set up, and use. I’ve settled down with the Lubuntu. however, installing it on an old pc is a time-consuming process, and it takes all the patience you have left.