Minutes of FOSS Community Meeting

Minutes of FOSS Community Meeting

Meeting was started at 8.40pm with the partcipation of fourteen foss members including Ruwan Senarathne, Milinda Lankanath,Chamod Sandaru,Thishan Rasangike,Lahiru Himesh,Nimesh Nishara,Ruwani Indrachapa,Sachintha Keddagodage,Sakuntha Bimsara,Nadee Pragnarathne,Azkar Moulana,Dhanushka Chandana,Pamuditha Imalka and Maneesha Dedigama.

As the first thing team decided to finalize the budget of SFD 2017 as soon as possible and Maneesha was allocated for it.

Next nadee pragnarathne was assigned to create endorsment letter and related proposal for having collobaration with ICTA in order to organize future events of FOSS Community

Pamuditha Imalka suggested to have a program which will encourage all the universities to take part GSOC in next year and team approved it.

After that team discussed about the pilot program which should happen after foss revamping and Thishan Rasangike and Dhanushka was assigned for that.

Then after ruwan suggested to have seven community leads for the FOSS community from different universities who will handle all the future foss activities with the guidance of current community.Further more he mentioned that selected seven community leads will act as foss leads in all events and functions.All the members were agreed for that and sachintha was allocated for design post for recruiting thing and thishan was allocated for create form for that with the guidance of ruwan.

Finally due to the inactivity of foss messenger group, team decided to move on slack and lahiru himesh was allocated for create slack channel for foss.

After two days(28/11/2018) from today(26/11/2018) team decided to close current messenger group of foss community.

Then after meeting was wined up around 9.40pm.