Software Freedom Day 2018 LK

Let’s have discussion :slight_smile:


Date time and the venue is confirmed. September 22nd 1.00 PM @ SLIIT auditorium :smiley:


Awesome. Let’s put continuous update about the progress. Here is the progress so far,

  • At the moment we are looking for possible sponsors. (If you have any potential contacts please lend us a hand)

  • Event poster, sticker, t-shirt designs are almost complete thanks to our amazing volunteer group for designs.

  • In search for talented speakers and created a potential speaker list. (Once again, (If you have any potential contacts please lend us a hand)

check this :slight_smile:

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Sticker Design


T shirt Design


@Sachintha, @Ruwani_Indrachapa can we move designs to separate thread please ?

I agree. Let’s start a design thread

Venue facility Check List:

  • Sound
  • Projector
  • WIFI
  • Registration Desk
  • Place for serve Food
  • Place for keep Organizers Staff
  • Rest Room for Speakers
    Nandun, Nimesh oya tika poddak balanna puluvanda.

SFD Agenda.

@milinda remove the speakers name until we get confirmation from them.

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We need to finishing sponsorship requests and speaker request with in this 2 weeks period. We have to finalize every things before September. Then we can go for event registration and promotion stuff.

Sponsorships letter on me, @ravindufernando did some changes, will review and create the documents.

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T shirt design for Software freedom day 2018.

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can we change back side text to only FOSS logo with foss Sri Lanka text

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@Janarthan can you change the back text. use:
Software Freedom Day 18
[ foss lk logo ]
In one of arm: url
Design Guidline

Parallel to the other activities, shall we start some promotional activities. FB campaigns, tweets etc… we need to get all the people interested on the SFD. :sunglasses:

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We can start promoting, if we can get an FB banner sized and profile picture sized materials, we could personally promote the event. As the dates are near, I think we should be starting the promotion and an FB event so that we can also get a participant count. BTW do we have a FB page ?

Dasun aiya, here is the event link.