What is your go-to Linux Distro?

I am curious on which Linux Distro do the members of this forum prefer. Let’s get a discussion started! :laughing:

Personally, I use Kali Linux (for pentesting) and Ubuntu (for dev. sutff). Other than these, I have tried using ParrotOS and Linux Mint.
I have some great stuff about MX Linux and Manjaro. Do any of you have any thoughts on it?

Reply with your favourite distro and the reason you use it! :grin:

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Welcome @swsjona

I personally use either Ubuntu or CentOS as my primary Linux version (If on a Linux computer) and always try to use CentOS on my servers.

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Mostly I go with Ubuntu or elementary OS :heart_eyes: I really like the UI of elementary. Once I tried with Openbox + Tint2 + Thunar + Sakura in Ubuntu just because I love minimal UI. :wink:

I tried Manjaro a few times with KDE. I have good stuff on Fedora :grinning:

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CentOS :ok_hand: That is one of the best for servers :smiley:


IKR. It’s so good. And if you’re using RHEL for your paid tasks, you really don’t need to learn two platforms when you switch in between them.

If I’m running a cPanel server, I’d probably choose CloudLinux over CentOS though

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My home is at Fedora . But I distro hop every month or two. I’m used to it right now and can get the OS running with all my config and data within a hour or so. My target is I want the newest apps and innovations. So never tried Debian stable. But I’m good with anything. But as of now running elementary.

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Yep! I think elementary OS has one of the refined UI among linux distros.

Usually, I use ubuntu for my daily stuff and centos for servers.

  1. Ubuntu Desktop and Server
  2. Fedora on the VM for testing